Final Cut Pro X 10.4.2 improves XML, continues the push to High Sierra

iMac Pro with FCPX 10.4 running

About three weeks after the 10.4.1 update that brought closed captioning and ProRes RAW support along with a mandatory system upgrade to High Sierra, Final Cut Pro X has been updated to 10.4.2.

Not as much of a bug fix bonanza as it is the next push for Sierra users to update. Depending on how deeply the bugs that have been newly squashed affect your workflow, this will be a strong prod towards High Sierra.

Here’s hoping that 10.4.3 will add motion tracking to really push us into the future/present, even if it only gains what Motion already ships with. I’m guessing we won’t see AR-based capture with camera motion data from iPhone to FCPX until at least version 10.5.

Fixes an issue where selecting multiple clips using the shift key or marquee selection could inadvertently select other clips in the timeline

Fixes issues related to XML import and export

Dragging events between libraries no longer uses XML and correctly copies all settings and media

Removes unnecessary settings that were included in XML 1.7 export

Some detail as far as the XML fixes go, so maybe we’ll finally get markers showing up in DaVinci Resolve? Not sure whose issue it is, but we’ve been waiting for years for this to work.

The FCPX release notes and version history can always be found on this page.

The newest version of Final Cut Pro X can be downloaded free of charge from the Mac App Store for existing users.

New Final Cut Pro X users can purchase the app for $299 flat, with no subscription fees. I can’t guarantee anything, but every update since 2011 has been free for existing owners and I believe this will continue. This applies to Motion as well, except for just $49.


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