Retrobatch for Node-Based Batch Image Processing

Fresh out of beta from Flying Meat Inc., Retrobatch 1.0 has been released in regular and Pro versions at prices of US$29.99 and $49.99 respectively.

I have used GraphicConverter for years to batch process thousands of time-lapse photos hundreds of times, but have never tried using anything that can export in a node-based way. This method of working offers a ton of flexibility for things like multiple output types, sizes, and formats. This is something that would be great for Blackmagic to add to DaVinci Resolve, as their Deliver page is almost as much of a painful mess to use as Adobe Media Encoder.

The “link” animations seem well thought out from the video demo, without requiring keyboard commands or mouse clicks to attach/detach nodes, so the overall user experience ends up having a playful feel without being distracting. The overall cheerfulness of the node UI is a bit reminiscent of ControllerMate.

Flying Meat also makes the great Acorn image editor.

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