PSA: Adobe Premiere Can Blow Your MacBook Pro Speakers

Adobe forum thread: Premiere blew my MacBook Pro speakers

Some Users Report Adobe Premiere Pro Issue Causing Blown Out MacBook Pro Speakers – MacRumors

Update: “Adobe has released an update for Adobe Premiere Pro via the Creative Cloud app to resolve an audio issue that left some users with blown-out MacBook Pro speakers.

An ever-growing number of users have posted on the Adobe thread with the same issue of permanently damaged speakers on their MacBook Pro 2018, both Radeon and Vega models. This occurs after applying an audio effect in Premiere, with the majority of users experiencing the issue having applied Reduce Background Noise and upon playback, getting a loud screech of glitched audio through their internal speakers.

This doesn’t happen in any other NLE or DAW on the market either, at least so far. This did happen before, when Apple had to patch Windows through their Boot Camp drivers to stop the same thing from happening to 2016 MBP owners running Sierra.

I recommend Izotope RX for audio cleanup. It’s powerful and fast and works in Final Cut and Resolve.

From andripeetso  who started the thread:

I have a new 2 month old 15″ MBP. I Was working on a project, macbook volume was about on half, when suddenly an audio bug occurred with really loud [screeching] noise and not letting me pause it. After it stopped, the speakers were really quiet, and after the next restart they’re clearly blown. Initially I blamed the hardware, though the same thing happened a day later with headphones.

A Vega owner, project17:

I had the same thing happen to me.

MacBook Pro, 2018, Radeon Pro Vega 20 4080 MB, RIDICULOUSLY expensive…

I simply clicked on the “Enhance Speech” check box while the clip was playing and the loudest sound possible blasted out of the speakers.  Now the right speaker is damaged.  Great.

From dstep1997:

I […] went to clean up the audio in the audio tab and like everyone else the playback was at max and completely blew out the speakers. I could even smell an electrical burning smell. I took it to apple the next day and they sent it out to be repaired under warranty (awesome on their part.)

I got the laptop back a few days ago, and everything was fixed. Still [leery] this could happen again, I kept the volume on my laptop low and didn’t mess with the audio tab. The only modification I made was a 3db volume adjustment. About 20 minutes ago it happened again and although I stopped it immediately, the right speaker is now blown out.

This is ridiculous, […] I edit on this laptop for school, work, and personal use. […] There is no room for downtime.

It doesn’t stop there, with many other users chiming in about how they got screwed by Adobe Premiere and now have to repair their computer.

It’s great they have now issued a fix, though that shows that they can update their software to fix bugs more quickly than they do.